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Bertók aka Bryan Kroh

Self Taught artist who has been painting for over 10 years and drawing for over 20. I have Been a Featured artists On Url radios Rock Ranger show, a guest on iheart radio and featured in spin poi . I painted a piano for Bismarck ND airport as well as part of a pillar and a wall section on art ally 5.5 in Bismarck Nd . I've also been shown basics in Adobe illustrator, photoshop, dream weaver, resolume, unity, blender, ableton and reason and several programs. I have hosted several music shows as a promoter and djed for countryfest as well as am a endorsed musician through kononykheen guitars. ive released over 200 songs to spotify, amazon, and apple among others. I can Be found under Bertok I've also released 18 albums and am working on 19th.

Bertók Brand